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rational + trans-rational Books that have impacted FWIO


The Law of Attraction (I recommend the Audible version)

The Astonishing Power of Emotions (Audible has a great segment in the last chapter about flow + "the ride on the river")

Power vs Force

The Big Leap

The Emotion Code

The Seat of the Soul

A Course in Miracles

The Power of Now + A New Earth (I recommend reading in this order)

Loving What Is

You Can Heal Your Life

Conscious Uncoupling

You Are Special (This is about Mr Rogers and is just a genuinely uplifting read)

(mostly) Science-y Videos


E-Motion The Movie

What the Bleep Do We Know

What the Bleep Do We Know: Down the Rabbit Hole (This is basically an extended, deeper version of the video above. If you are really into this stuff, I'd suggest watching the first one and then this one after.)

Thoughts + emotions spreading 

Right brain / left brain = Intuition / Ego? 

Quantum Mechanics: The Double Slit Experiment, particle wave interference pattern, and observer effect

Quantum Mechanics: “Superposition of states”  

Quantum Mechanics: Multiverse  

Quantum Mechanics + Human Brain + Consciousness 

Why thinking you are lucky or able to do better increases your ability to actually do better (aka: you get what you think about)  

Through the Wormhole (TV episodes often include Quantum Mechanics)

Through the Wormhole - Is there a Sixth Sense? (Episode #5)

Everything is Spiritual

Abraham Hicks Videos I also love searching YouTube for Abraham videos


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