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You are invited to come along on a four week journey - one of mystery and science all rolled into one big, bold, beautiful approach that will leave you uplifted, inspired, and designing the life of your deepest desires.

We will be applying the concepts of consciousness, alignment, the law of attraction, emotional selection, flow, energy, and much more.


The choice to participate is yours -                                           
the experience to follow can truly be life-changing when           applied deliberately and consistently.


There is no “wrong” or “right” choice here -
it is truly about aligning with the calling of your soul.

If you are seeking the awareness of something bigger, more pure, and more expanding of your current experience, this may be a path for you to begin (or continue) your journey.


To decide if this is right for you, look to that still, peaceful voice within.


If it’s calling you to this work, it will be my pleasure and privilege to walk with you on this journey to the conscious unfolding of our life experience in the most ease-filled of ways.

Class will consist of the consistent application of the core principles that form the underpinnings of our very existence.

There is no wrong or right choice to make...

There is only the constant invitation                                                   to unfold in the most miraculous of ways. 

We are in this together. And if this resonates, I look forward to joining you soon.

With all the love and light,




October 3rd, 2017


FWIO 101 


one live lesson with Jess Per Week - Perfect if you aren't ready to fully commit

flow with intention -
FWIO Masterclass


everything in FWIO 101 plus 1 extra live Q&A call per week with Jess And access to the wonderful FWIO Community


What will the course Be like?

If you join FWIO Masterclass, the course will consist of two 120 minute live online video lectures per week with live group coaching at the end of each lecture (eight lectures total on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8PM EDT).

Lectures will be recorded in video and audio (so you do not need to be live on the calls to take the class). 

Worksheets for notes and homework will be provided. However, this is an integrative course -- which means that the majority of time and focus will be spent shifting your day-to-day habits, rather than on long periods of "homework time."

**If you're not interested in the additional live group coaching, FWIO 101 will consist of one 60 minute live online video lecture per week.


How is this different than Life with intention online?

This class is very different from LWIO in terms of content and approach. While the results of peace, joy, and fulfillment are very similar in both classes, the methodology and day-to-day actions in FWIO are focused on energy, consciousness, and emotional frequency. LWIO focuses on Values-based intentions, actions, and planning. 

The distribution of content is also quite different - LWIO is taught in a series of four video modules with weekly group coaching calls, FWIO is taught in live (recorded) lectures twice a week. 


if I'm already a member of LWIO, does it still make sense for me to join?

If you are a LWIO alumni interested in learning a complementary path down "Success Mountain" that uses other facets of your awareness and specializes in moment-to-moment direction (over long-term planning and preparation), you may love this class. 

Both methodologies work side-by-side. So you will be able to apply either or both approaches in any given situation, based on your desires in that moment.

As always, please consult your intuition to see if this class is right for you. 


Will you be offering this course again?

Yes, the next round of FWIO will be offered sometime during mid-winter, 2018. FWIO members get lifetime access to future live rounds of the class and they also will have full access to the materials in between live classes, as well.

(Live rounds of the course are projected to run bi-annually in February and October.)


What are the modules like?

The modules are straightforward and simple: We will be breaking down the teachings each week into two parts with live group coaching (only Masterclass members receive the second group call for coachin). After each lecture, you will begin implementing the concepts and rituals into your life immediately.

The course covers the following topics: 

Module 1 - How to Create & Maintain Alignment On a Daily Basis
Module 2 - How to Find Flow & take effective action In Daily Life
Module 3 - How to Select & Adjust Emotional Frequency                       Module 4 - Manifesting With Ease & Overcoming Resistance


Can I get a refund?

Refunds will be issued within the first 14 days (10/15/17). 


FWIO 101



Have you listened to your intuition? Join FWIO 101 if you are only
interested in one live online lecture per week. Let's get started!


flow with INTENTION -
FWIO MAsterclass



Ready to take your work with FWIO even Deeper? Join FWIO Masterclass
to access a second live online lecture each week with group coaching and participate
in the vibrant FWIO online community.