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M O D U L E  4

Module 4 is now live!

The slides, workbook, and coaching call recordings can be found here.

M O D U L E  3

Module 3 is now live!

The slides, workbook, and coaching call recordings (audio + video) can be found here.


The resource page is updated with a bevy of books and videos that have influenced FWIO in some way, big or small. Feel free to browse or dive right into whatever catches your eye. : )


M O D U L E  2

Module 2 is now live!

The slides, workbook, and coaching call recordings (audio + video) can be found here.

M O D U L E  1

Module 1 is now live!

The slides, workbook, and coaching call recordings (audio + video) can be found here.

G E T T I N G   S T A R T E D 

Hello + welcome to Flow With Intention Online!

Before our first lecture/coaching call on Tuesday (Jan/31) at 8pm-10pm EST (login details to come in email), I have a few things for you to get started:

  1. Say hello in the Forum

    • Please feel free to go into the community forum and say hello!
    • NOTE: Please login to the forum using your Twitter/Facebook/Google account, not your FWIO login info. : )
    • This will be our space for everyone to connect in the weeks to come. For now, share a bit about yourself (as much or as little as you like) and feel free to begin reaching out to one another. Later this week, we'll have spots for you to form mastermind groups, accountability partners, meet ups, friendships... you name it!
  2. Begin documenting your Current morning routine - for 3 days

    • Before our first class on Tuesday, it is important to have an idea of what you typically do first thing in the morning. Please use a notebook, computer document, or piece of paper to start writing down what you do each morning in the first 90 minutes and the feelings you notice during that time, as well.
    • This doesn't have to be incredibly detailed or lengthy, simply write down a list of the actions you take and the emotions you observe.
  3. Begin documenting your most common emotions - for 3 days

    • On another piece of paper, please start taking notes (ideally at lunchtime and before bed) listing out the range of emotions that you felt throughout your day. You don't have to capture -- just do your best to notice the ones that stand out and seem to dominate your reality the most.
    • If you'd like to take this to the next level, see if you can identify and document any specific actions, thoughts, or experiences that may have triggered your feelings and include these on your paper as well.
    • Note: this is a non ego judging activity. Please have as much grace as you can about any challenging emotions that emerge. Do your best to be empathetic and observant without allowing the ego to criticize your results.
    • And if the ego does try to judge, show the ego love and compassion for the act of judging, too.
    • At the end of the course, we are going to observe your progress in this area. So this initial documentation will be very insightful for you later on.

And that's it! This homework is short, simple, and will create a baseline for the work that we will be doing in the weeks to come.

I will see you in our first class on Tuesday night!



Welcome to Flow With Intention!

I am SO, so, SO, so excited to work with you!

(As you'll notice, I tend to get pretty excited and use a lot of verbal and and written "!".)

Seriously though, I am very pumped to be sharing all the wonderful things I have discovered about flow, consciousness, alignment, emotional frequency, neurology, Quantum Mechanics and so much more with you in the weeks to come.

This is my very favorite subject that it has genuinely transformed my life experience... and I get to share it. With you.

This honor is one I am very appreciative for - and I look forward to you all meeting one another in the community in the weeks to come, as well! 

We will open the community closer to the class start on January 29th. 

Until then, feel free to start diving into one or both of these books if you are super excited to get a head start.

Please know, these books aren't 'required reading' -- they are simply books that I have found super helpful and relate to many aspects of what we will be covering in the month to come.


Totally fun, totally non-required pre-reading

The Law of Attraction  I linked to the Audible version because I prefer the audio version to the written since it is much more powerful (in my opinion).
The Power of Now  I linked to the Audible version of this one, too. However it's not quite as different between the written + audio versions as the first book.  

optional: Use the link to get these audio books for free.


As we get closer to the class start you'll get some emails from us here at Team Lively.

In the meantime, I hope something wonderful happens to you today!